Renovations help you revamp, refresh, and regain your competitive edge. There may be no better time than now to renovate your facility, retool your space to meet industry demands, and recapture your position as a leading competitor. Some of our favorite construction projects include intuitive renovation of existing assets because it offers the chance to creative problem solve, and the before and after results are incredible. Plainly stated, our experience and results prove we’re the leader in comprehensive renovation construction.

How do you gauge service excellence?

80% of our work is repeat business

Since 1974, WPC has delivered an impressive portfolio of work. We possess the scope of experience and depth of expertise to provide value engineering, sophisticated scheduling, and streamlined operations that deliver our “do it right the first time” performance on a grand scale. WPC is licensed, bonded, and strategically staffed to deliver exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

We have set a standard of responsive performance and service excellence in how we build our projects as well as how we treat our subcontractors, suppliers, and employees. By streamlining our operations, we are highly responsive and deliver a quality experience that keeps our clients coming back time and time again.

Success is measured in many ways, but none more important than the reputation you create by doing the right thing when and where you say you will. That is why more than 80% of our work is repeat business.


Keep water out of your building.


Build it right the first time.

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