Adding Value from the Start


Want to build value in your resort development before the first shovel goes in the ground? Start by bringing all pre-construction services together under the responsibility of a qualified general contractor. In the old-fashioned bid system, a developer receives a set of plans from the architect and then puts them out for competitive bidding. When you go this route, you assume complete responsibility–and risk–for the accuracy and detail of the plans. If a single entity is responsible for the overall construction management, however, it's a different story that can help you save money and value from the beginning. This consolidation process offers many benefits to your project, providing minimized risk, reduced cost, and timely delivery.

Risky Business
We've handled many projects where such risk has been greatly reduced for the developer by coordinating all consultants, sub-trades, architects, and engineers from the very outset of the 30 Developments . August 2007 design process. A pre-con management team can focus on unifying all the design and construction elements together with an emphasis on efficiency and "constructability." This way, all the pieces of the development puzzle can fit together to deliver maximum value.

Construction management services can begin as early in the project as site selection. We've worked with developers to evaluate the best use for an existing site or to locate a desirable property that fits specific criteria. By coordinating issues with civil engineers, geo-technical firms, environmental consultants, municipalities, code enforcement, government agencies, utilities, and infrastructure authorities, developers gain a more accurate and reliable picture of overall feasibility. Plus, all this information then comes from a single source.

Moving to the next steps of construction, when you use a construction manager this doesn't mean completely eliminating the bid process. Rather, the developer is given more control to make decisions that will be more to his/her advantage. Working from a "big picture" vantage point, the pre-con team and developer begin by carefully evaluating all trade subcontractors in terms of competency, resources, and manpower. Those with a qualified work history are given accurate, value-engineered plans and invited to submit bids. The result is competitive, realistic pricing from proven performers. This reduces the risk of having to make costly and time-consuming "fixes" during actual construction.

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