The Florida HUD Contractor Advantage is Spelled W-P-C


Florida HUD Contractor As a result of current economic conditions and with conventional financing for construction projects becoming almost impossible to acquire, HUD-insured financing is resurfacing as a viable option for developers in the multi-family and senior living markets. With 15 years experience as a Florida HUD contractor, Winter Park Construction (WPC) is providing their knowledge and expertise to development teams in order to improve the success of the application process and construction delivery.

In HUD-financed construction, having the right strategic partner on board can make a significant difference. Partnering early with an experienced Florida HUD contractor, HUD loan facilitator and cost review specialist can provide developers with the market analysis, hard and soft cost requirements as well as guidance through the pre-application process that is so essential to the acceptance of HUD financing.

HUD financing has very specific documentation requirements regarding budgets, scheduling, cost reviews, construction close-out, payments and bonding. Bringing a HUD-experienced architect and general contractor on board early enables you to develop plans, specifications and pricing in strict accordance with the detailed HUD guidelines.

WPC President & COO Jeff Forrest explains the advantages of working with a well-seasoned Florida HUD contractor: "While HUD-insured financing can open opportunities for developers in today's market, it is essential that all paperwork, procedures, documentation and methodologies are complied with precision. The right HUD contractor speaks the language of HUD guidelines, knows how to work the numbers correctly, complies with HUD rules, has the financial capacity for performance bonds, completes all the paperwork and finishes the project strong with HUD-compliant construction."

Winter Park Construction has been successfully delivering HUD-financed projects for more than 15 years. The experience earned in the building of more than 3,400 HUD-financed units enables WPC to provide the insight and attention to detail so critical for a successful HUD project.

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