SPM Resorts Employs Winter Park Construction for Indoor Surfing Simulator


The waves are on their way as Winter Park Construction (WPC), one of Central Florida’s most respected contractors, builds a $4 million surfing simulator.

To give visitors the chance to “experience” the killer waves of Hawaii or “hang ten,” The Fantasy Surf at the Vacation Villas at FantasyWorld Resort in landlocked Kissimmee, is set to open in October and will feature the look of surfing and wakeboarding in a safe and controlled environment.

Fantasy Surf will feature a 32 feet wide, 49 feet long FlowRider Double that can accommodate 25-30 riders per hour. The padded walls, floor and beach of the aquatic recreation facility are covered by a three-inch sheet of water that creates waves suitable for surfing with its cushioned surface, designed for wipeouts.

WPC President, Jeff Forrest admits that this is the first time that the company has attempted to build an indoor aquatic leisure venue and adds, “With three decades of construction and general contracting services to Florida and its many attractions, our experience has enabled us to build just about anything imaginable. And the Central Florida area is filled with highly imaginative people!”

WPC’s Project Manager for the surfing simulator, Mike Ferguson, says that during the seven-month construction process, as many as 300 construction professionals from the design team to all the subcontractors are working to build the 14,000-square foot facility.

The company-built building will house the patented FlowRider system in the center, surrounded by a large glass-enclosed viewing area and lobby for viewers. The facility will also feature a commercial kitchen and dining area plus a large retail and surf shop operation. Upon operation, Fantasy Surf is expected to have 11 full-time employees and will be open seven days a week throughout the year.

Building the structure to last was a challenge for WPC pros who had to ensure that the concrete block building’s interiors work properly with the constant wet environment of the simulator. The damp nature of the facility adds tremendous moisture and humidity to the air and can easily cause damage to the structural components. All metals used to construct the building are stainless steel and a 65-ton air conditioning system was installed to double-functions as a large dehumidifier.

Trish Docherty, Regional VP of Operations for SPM Resorts, Inc. explains, “This will be the first truly interactive water sport activity where participants of all ages can catch the ultimate indoor wave. Beautifully created by Winter Park Construction, the facility will offer an environment where spectators will enjoy watching as much as participators enjoy riding.

“Several contractors were interviewed for this project but in the end, Winter Park Construction was chosen as the company with the experience best suited the needs of this project,” she added on their choice of Winter Park. “Additionally, we have selected WPC to do a design/build on our planned $6m lazy river/pool project located near the surfing simulator with a 12,000 square-foot clubhouse. The design is currently underway.”

The surfing venue was the vision of SPM Resorts’ Board President, Jeff Weinland, who is confident about the entertainment the venue will provide while making the resort more attractive to new owners and guests.

SPM Resorts, Inc. is a full-service timeshare resort management company that serves 100,000 timeshare owners and manages 30 resorts including Vacation Villas at FantasyWorld. The company’s current Board of Directors at Vacation Villas at FantasyWorld Resort with SPM Resorts, Inc. has always focused on ways to improve the guest experience and the resort.

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