Azul is made up of three 4 and 5 story wood frame buildings with the clubhouse being one half of the first floor of building 2. The exterior elevation is comprised of stucco and hardy trim and gives you a feel of old Florida Architecture. Amenities include negative edge pool, fitness room, lounge, massage parlor, waxing room (?), mani/pedi room (now can you see who their focus group is), WI FI Java Bar and a leasing center. With all of the amenities Baldwin Park has to offer you really donít need any more onsite amenities. Apartments will include granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, 9í ceilings, walk-in shower, larger tubs and lake views. Some of the LEED Certifications for the units will include an April Air system, energy efficient HVAC system, low flow faucets, low VOC materials and contaminant reducing construction...oh, and bike racks.

Location Orlando, FL

Project Type Multifamily

Value $15.7 Million

Architect Looney Ricks Kiss Architects

Owner Jefferson Apartment Group

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