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When it comes to renovations, WPC brings a lot of experience to the table, having honed our estimating, scheduling, and value engineering processes over hundreds of commercial, multi-family, student housing, senior living, hospitality, and renovation/conversion projects in our 35-year history. We know how to do things right the first time—keeping budgets lean and schedules on track. For projects large and small, from simple tenant improvements to complete overhauls of existing structures, owners get the full measure of WPCs extensive construction expertise and resources as Florida's renovation contractor.



At WPC, we recognize that relationships drive any successful project and that good people build great relationships. Our people understand their capabilities and know how to meet commitments. WPC has a diverse staff that ranges from self-performing carpenters to mid-level managers with 25 plus years of experience in performing and managing work. This solidifies our ability to aggressively schedule renovations while being responsive to the needs of our clients and subcontractors. We would be happy to share with you the resumes of our staff, as well as the Florida renovation qualifications of our subcontractors.



WPCs efforts in remodeling places an emphasis on production as expressed in units per day (UPD). The UPD rate varies upon specific client needs and the complexity of the work. Rates average from two to six UPD per scope and are overlapped in a finish-to-start (FS) relationship in Microsoft Project. At WPC, knowing that your turnover date doesn't change drives our performance. Let us show you how our renovations contractor scheduling methods and process procedures can deliver superior performance to your remodeling project.



Our uncompromising dedication to quality is expressed in our "Commitment to Excellence" statement. Our dedicated staff of finish assistants (separate from production supervisors) is assigned to each project with specific procedures in place for delivering a fully functional unit. We not only monitor the precision of fit and finish, but test and operate each appurtenance and device to ensure proper function within the design criteria. Our belief is that our performance effort, combined with our quality commitment, ultimately leads to highly satisfied clients who choose to return to us again and again.



WPC has long maintained active job sites on operational resorts and occupied properties. Our logistics methods minimize any impact on current guests, residents, or tenants. We go to exceptional measures to keep sites clean and our materials and personnel out of sight as much as possible. To this end, we have developed some innovative job site solutions such as our "WPC Oasis" tents that give workers discreet, specific locations for breaks and meals. Our Florida renovation office trailers are of the highest quality and are strategically positioned to keep your site professional and uncluttered. We use well-maintained carts to constantly police the job site and haul debris, refuse, and scrap material to out-of-view locations. Vehicle access lanes are carefully planned to control traffic flow. All signage, storage trailers, and other support materials are of the highest grade and thoughtfully positioned. As a seasoned renovation contractor, we know that when we look good, you look good.


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